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Spackle: Making sure you can connect to the DAC


The DAC is an important tool and several things can go wrong when trying to connect to it.

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A TDD Journey: 1-Trials and Tribulations


Test-Driven Development (TDD) has a misleading name, because the objective is to design and specify that the system you are developing behaves in the ways that the customer expects, and to prove that it does so for the lifetime of the system. Michael Sorens starts an introduction to TDD that is more of a journey in six parts.

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Examining the TokuDB MySQL storage engine file structure


As we know different storage engines in MySQL have different file structures. Every table in MySQL 5.6 must have a .frm file in the database directory matching the table name. But where the rest of the data resides depends on the storage engine. For MyISAM we have .MYI and .MYD files in the database directory […]

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terça-feira, 29 de julho de 2014

Data Driven Security


Set a security standard across environments that developers can see and run, but not change.

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SQL Server Alert for Tempdb Growing Out of Control


One option to get notified when TempDB grows is to create a SQL Alert to fire a SQL Agent Job that will automatically send an email alerting the DBA when the Tempdb reaches a specific file size. This tip explains how to set it up.

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Is Transparent Data Encryption a Good Choice for Your Data?


Transparent Data Encryption is a method to encrypt your SQL Server data on disk. Using it can present challenges, though. How does it work? How does it interact with other SQL Server features?...
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Prevent MySQL downtime: Set max_user_connections


One of the common causes of downtime with MySQL is running out of connections. Have you ever seen this error? “ERROR 1040 (00000): Too many connections.” If you’re working with MySQL long enough you surely have. This is quite a nasty error as it might cause complete downtime… transient errors with successful transactions mixed with […]

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New SQL Server 2014 Permissions: CONNECT ANY DATABASE


CONNECT ANY DATABASE is one of three new permissions in SQL Server 2014 that can be granted to server logins. What is this new permission good for and why would we ever want this?

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Avoiding Database Deployment Disasters – 7 Tips


Here are seven practical tips for any 'accidental DBA' or developer, faced with having to deploy an upgrade to a database live to production, in a development environment that is in the early stages of getting the database code “house in order".

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Últimas vagas para a Data Management Conference 2014!

Últimas vagas para a Data Management Conference 2014!
Venha participar da próxima edição do mais abrangente encontro sobre gestão da informação e governança de dados realizado na América Latina com a supervisão da DAMA International (Data Management Association).

13 e 14 de agosto em SP

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